Steve Feeney, inventor and creator of SightRight ‘sighting and alignment’ Technology has signed a long term deal with BCE - Riley of England, exclusively to market and promote SightRight Technology in Cue Sports globally. Riley ‘SightRight’ Snooker cues launch November 26th, Pool cue versions will launch in 2015.

Stuart Lacey, Managing Director – RileyBCE

Stuart Lacey, Managing Director, said; " I really liked SightRight from the start and knew it would be an instant success. In our industry, its not every day that something comes along which really is a benefit to the sport, SightRight is the exception to that rule. The benefits are huge!

I instantly saw the benefit of understanding how to correctly sight the ball but also, just as importantly, the pre-shot routine SightRight helps the cue sports player successfully develop.

In Snooker and Pool most players have no pre-shot routine as such, or can guarantee they sight and aim perfectly in relation to a proven ‘Sighting Line’ (eye dominance) until now, and that's what I am really excited about. Riley SightRight cues, not only help you to sight and aim perfectly and follow certain steps that will lead to improved potting accuracy, they will also provide you with a pre - shot routine and set up you can trust."

Stephen Feeney, SightRight Inventor

“I have combined more than 15 years of detailed analysis of some of the worlds finest snooker players with my own personal desire and ambition to deliver one of the most simplistic inventions ever created to players of all standards. App technology now allows me to deliver to you clearly and precisely, via your smart phone or tablet, the very simple techniques involved to improve your play, no matter how good you are. This wasn’t possible 15 years ago and is now great news.”


SIGHTRIGHT methods are being used by legends of the game and many World Snooker Tour players.


The Patented SightRight Technology in your cue and the SightRight App will help you to:

  • Develop a consistent pre-shot routine.
  • Using a simple/easy to use two line alignment system.
  • Remove all the guess work around eye dominance and aiming.
  • Focus on your individual eye dominance to sight and aim perfectly.
  • Help create a consistently aligned technique and accurate cue action.
  • Improve accuracy across your whole game including rest play and escaping snookers.